Should You Set Up your Camps as Events or Classes?

Contributor(s): Amber Smith

Camps are a great way to allow students to try out your facility with minimal commitment, whether you have camps in the summer months or throughout the year. But what is the best way to set your summer camps up in Jackrabbit?

What you should know about using Events for Camps?

Events are a great feature and are best used for those one-day occasions such as Birthday parties, Parent’s night out, etc. 

Setting your camps up as events can cause more work for both you and your families. 

Since events are one day, each day of camp would be a separate event. This would require families who want their student to attend a full week of camp to register for 5 events in order to secure their spot for the week.

Events also offer less reporting options (enrollment and revenue) that you may find beneficial to determine the success of your camps. For more information on what you can do with the Events module check out our Events Help articles.

What you should know about using Classes for Camps?

To make the process easy on families (and you), setting camps up as classes is often a better fit. Each camp can be its own class with a start and end date corresponding with the week the camp will be held. 

Include the dates in the name of the class so enrollment and registration are easy! If your camp has a theme, include that in the class name or in the class description.

If you set up your camps as classes in Jackrabbit, you can:

  • view camps on your Weekly Calendar to avoid double-booking rooms or instructors.
  • pull detailed enrollment and financial reports to assess the success of your camp.
  • keep your database clean by archiving camps once they are over.

How should you set up your Camps?

Each organization has different needs and knows their clientele better than anyone else. It is important that you set up your camps the way that works best for you and your families!