I have a multi-location, multi-gateway set up. How do a switch a customer from one gateway to another?

Once a family's credit card has been vaulted, their credit card details are stored in your gateway's vault.  To switch a family from one vault to another requires several steps

  1. Make sure that the family is set to their original vault Location.  (Family Location is on the Family Summary tab.)
  2. Go to the family's Billing Info tab and click the credit card's Edit Card Info button.
  3. Click Delete Card Number to delete the credit card details.
  4. Save Changes
  5. On the family's Summary tab, switch the Location to the new Location gateway. Save Changes.
  6. Return to the family's Billing Info tab and using the Edit button, re-enter the credit card number and exp date.  Save Changes.  This does require obtaining the credit card information in full from the family again.