Control Web Registration FAQ


How do I hide certain classes on my website, web registration form, and the parent portal?
You can control whether or not a class is displayed: On your Website (in Class Listings Tables) During Web Registration (through the Web Registration Form) In the Parent Portal These settings are found on the Summary tab of the Class recor...
How do I prevent a 3 year old from enrolling in a class that is for 5 year olds? (or a boy from enrolling into a girls only class)?
Use the Age and Gender filter settings on the Online Web Registration Settings page. This is covered in detail in the Online Web Registration Settings page.  Age is calculated as of the Class Cutoff Date.  If no Cutoff Date is listed, th...
How can a student specify a future start date when enrolling online?
Once the Class Start Date has passed, any online enrollment will enroll the student into the class immediately.  Future enrolls must be handled by you manually inside your database.
How do waitlists affect the availability of classes?
You can choose to have waitlisters counts lower the availability of online open spots for new enrollees by using the option in the General settings area.  This is covered in detail in the Online Web Registration Settings page.  ...
If a class is full, how can the student get onto the waitlist online?
Go to Tools >  Online Web Registration > Settings (on left) > Class Search Settings and set Allow Waitlist When Class Full to Yes .  Check to be sure there is a number of students allowed to be wait listed for each clas...
I want to allow online registration for new customers, but I do NOT want them to be able to enroll into class(es).
You can do that.  Follow the instructions on the Preventing Enrollment   page. 
How do I limit who is able to enroll into a class based on skill or other prerequisite?
Jackrabbit does not currently offer the ability to limit enrollment based on skills or previous class completion.