Sort Rows in Your Class Listings Tables

Watch a (2:32) video tutorial on how to Sort Class Listings Tables

Once you have your table filtered as needed, and columns hidden as needed, you should specify the SORT ORDER of the classes going down. If no sort order is given, the table will sort by Class Name, ABC order.

To specify the sort order, use the parameter &sort=x where x is one of the targets listed below. For example, &sort=StartTime.

Targets Available for Sorting

  • Class (will sort by class Name in abc order)
  • Days
  • StartTime (use the word StartTime instead of the word Times)
  • Ages
  • Gender
  • Openings
  • StartDate
  • EndDate
  • Session
  • Tuition
  • Location
  • Cat1
  • Cat2
  • Cat3
  • Instructors
  • Duration
  • Room
The example codes below show only the url source part of the code. If you are embedding the table directly into your webpage you will need to include this url source code into the full scripting html. Refer to Create Custom Class Listing Tables in 4 Steps for details on using the full script.

Single Sort


Example - Sort the entire table solely on Ages (Minimum Age)

Single Sort Table
Single Sort Table


You can multi-sort by using commas between the primary, secondary, tertiary etc sorts.  Use the targets listed at the top of this page.


Example - Sort the table first by Day, then by StartTime,StartTime

Single Sort Table
Multi-Sort Table
When you use a sort code, it is automatically sorted in ascending order (smallest to largest, A to Z). To sort descending, add " desc" after the sort code. Example: to sort the table based on the number of class openings from highest to the lowest, you would use the code "&sort=Openings desc".