Fee Summary Report

The Fee Summary report displays fees posted during a specified time frame, along with any payments made against them or credits applied to them, and their current unpaid amount. 

Choose either a detailed report or a summarized version. See the status of your fees in one report!

From the Reports menu > Transactions / Financials, the Fee Summary report can be found under the Recommended and Who Owes Me Money tabs.

  • Evaluate the current state of your fees including Fee Amt, Paid Amt (including credits), and Unpaid Amt.
  • View Accounts Receivable by selected Category 1 and/or specified Transaction Type.
  • Analyze your fees based on the date of the transaction vs the date of the payment; Jackrabbit Revenue reports are based on the payment date. 

Business Scenario

Do you want to hold back costumes from students who have not yet paid the Costume Fee? Run the Fee Summary report using the search criteria  All fees or unpaid fees only? = Unpaid fees only and select Costume Fee (Debit) from the Transaction Type criteria. This will provide you with a listing of all unpaid costume fees.

Search Criteria

Use the Search Criteria to narrow the report results to only the fees you want to work with.

Display Settings

The Fee Summary report can be run to show details of every fee for each Category 1 and Transaction Type or as a summary of fees for each Category 1 and Transaction Type. 

Select your output from several options including PDF (default), Excel, and HTML.

The Report Results