Expand your Business with the Help of the Enrollment Detail Report

Contributor(s): Amber Smith, Laura Bruck, Laken Flanders, Sandi Olson

What are the benefits of analyzing enrollment? 

The data is already there...why not use it! Analyzing enrollment can identify areas of growth or decline in your program. Specifically, the Enrollment Detail Report can help:

  • Easily spot enrollment trends - If a toddler-aged class has higher enrollment than a infant-aged class, you can schedule more toddler-aged classes next session. 
  • Recognize seasonal trends - Maybe your fall session is more popular than your summer session. 
  • Ensure your business is growing - If you find you are not growing, look at why students are dropping or what instructors have a poor retention rate. You have the resources to do the research!
  • Take the guesswork out - You can make business decisions based on data without making business decisions blindly.
Always run the Enrollment Detail Report before archiving your families to the Lead File. Enrollment history from the archived families will be not be pulled and accounted for while in the Lead File.  Enrollment history is restored with a family if they are sent back to your main database. 

Analyzing your enrollment works best when you use class sessions. You also want to make sure you are keeping your database clean by properly transitioning your sessions and archiving classes that have ended. 

Understanding the Enrollment Detail Report Search Criteria

As with any report in Jackrabbit, to obtain the best results it is critical to understand where the Enrollment Detail Report pulls data from. 

Most of the fields from the report’s search criteria pulls information that lives on the Class or Student record. The image below shows where the information is pulled from with the Class criteria highlighted in orange and the Student criteria highlighted in blue.

Compare Enrollment from Session to Session

Class sessions are not required in Jackrabbit but are often helpful in many instances, including comparing enrollment. For more information on sessions and how to use them, read our Best Practice on Class Sessions - What They are and How They Can Help Your Business

Using class sessions in Jackrabbit makes it very easy to compare enrollment from session to session. The Enrollment Detail Report gives you the ability to see who was enrolled in one session but not enrolled in another session. 

Watch a (1:46) video tutorial on how to Analyze Enrollment Growth

Can I still compare enrollment data without using sessions?

You can compare enrollment using a date range, however, this requires some additional steps. Jackrabbit cannot find non-returning students with just a date range. You will need to run the Enrollment Detail Report for a list of total students for each time frame and compare. A strong knowledge of Excel is helpful if you want to narrow down the specific students who did not return.

Every student enrolled for at least one day during the date range will be included in the report results. Consider selecting a single date during the time frame as a snapshot versus a date range for the most accurate results.

Analyze Retention by Instructor

If you have concerns over an instructor's performance, you can easily pull the Enrollment Detail Report to find a list of drops by instructor and include the drop reason. Comparing results by Instructor allows you to see if there is a pattern or concern. This information is also helpful when building the next session of classes and conducting their performance review.

Having a hard time remembering the criteria to select when looking at retention of any kind? The Enrollment Detail Report lists the criteria selection needed for retention at the top of the Search Criteria page to help you remember! Select any additional criteria needed and save as a Favorite.

Watch a (2:03) video tutorial on how to Analyze Enrollment Retention

Consider Contacting the People Who Have Not Returned

The results in the Enrollment Detail Report provide you with a list of names, email addresses, and the option to email directly from the report. This makes it quick and easy to send an email inviting them to come back to your facility! Make this part of your regular routine as you start a new session.

The Enrollment Detail Report has all the information needed to help you quickly compile and compare data so you don't have to look through each class to see trends. Remember, if you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team for assistance!