Archive Classes - An Overview

Watch a (1:46) video tutorial on Archiving Classes

Once a class has completely ended and all tuition has been posted, the class should be archived rather than deleted. Archiving a class sets the class status to Archived.  A class does not become inactive simply because the end date has passed.  It must be archived in order for Jackrabbit to recognize that the class is no longer active and that the enrollment is considered 'in the past.'  

Archiving classes when a session is completed is important for several reasons:

  • It updates the Class Status = Archived.
  • It archives any students on the class' Wait List.  (If a class is later restored, the wait list restores as well.)
  • It updates every enrolled student (not already dropped) including future drops by setting the Drop Date to the current date and the Drop Reason to Class Archived.  (Note: Students in archived classes do not appear as dropped students in Enrollment Reports since they are not 'true' drops'.)
  • It places the class into the Past Schedules section of the Student Schedules tab. 
  • It removes the Class as an option in the Clock so Students can't accidentally clock into a past Class.