Address Settings

Address settings for your organization are edited from the Tools (menu) > Edit Settings > Organization Defaults. 

There are two areas where your address information is entered: Organization Defaults and Locations > Manage Locations.

Organization Defaults

Go to Tools > Edit Settings  > Organization Defaults (left) and enter your organization's address information including: company name, address, phone number, website, email, and Tax ID.

Select a Tax ID Label of Tax ID or Employee Identification Number (EIN). This information will be included on receipts and statements.

Immediately below this section are the Registration Form Defaults that affect both your Quick Registration and your Web (Online) Registration forms.

Entering a default city, state/province, zip/postal code, and/or area code saves time when adding new families and students. These fields are pre-filled on Jackrabbit's registration forms. Note: Pre-filled fields can be changed on the registration form as needed.

  1. Enter city, state, zip and area code defaults. This is optional and you can skip this if your organization spans several cities, zips, etc.
  2. Leave Allow Portal Access for 2nd Contact set to Yes for now. When you are ready to dive a bit deeper you can learn more about this in our Parent Portal help articles.


Address information is also required for each of your Jackrabbit Locations. From Tools > Edit Settings select Locations. Click the pencil icon to edit the address information.