I have many drop downs that we don't use. Can I delete them?

We don't recommend that you delete any of your previously created drop-down values because you may need them for reporting purposes. Many of the drop-down values can be hidden, so that they won't appear in any drop down-lists in Jackrabbit. Currently Categories 1, 2 and 3, Class Session, ePayment Schedule, Family Source and Payment Method drop-downs can be hidden. To hide a drop-down value go to Tools > Edit Settings > Drop Down Lists and select one of the values with the Hide option. Check Hide from users and Hide from customers next to any of the drop-downs you don't want displayed any longer. Save Changes. The hidden values will no longer appear in the drop-down choices for Jackrabbit users or parents when using the Web Registration Form or the Parent Portal. Uncheck a value and save changes to make it visible again.