PINs and Pickups - An Overview

PINs are numerical codes used to check students or staff in and out of your facility using the Clock

Once you have Set Up the Clock, there are 3 different kinds of PINs you can use for various purposes:

  • Staff PINs: used by staff to clock in and out. Staff PINs are housed on the staff record.
  • Contact PINs: used by authorized individuals (usually parents, family, caregivers, etc.) to drop off or pickup specified students. Contacts and their PINs are housed on the family record.
  • Group PINs: used by staff to check many students in and out at one time. This is helpful for classroom changes, after school care, etc.

When PINs are used, only students who are authorized for pickup by that number will display, giving your program additional security. Using Clock Reports, you can verify who checked the student in or out of your facility.

Checking students in and out with PINs is also helpful in posting tuition to your families when tuition is based on attendance.

Pickups determine who the individual is authorized to check in and out of your facility.