Who's Scheduled to be Here Report

Located under the Students menu, the Who's Scheduled to be Here report offers a quick way to search all the students enrolled in a class who are scheduled to be at your facility on a given date.

Search for students based on Location, Category 1 (multi-select available), Instructor, and date. Optionally include students with scheduled absences or students who are scheduled to be there for a makeup class.

Display Settings allow you to control whether you want to see all classes or just the first class of the day and whether or not you want to include student skill/level information. You can customize your report by including additional information and choosing a sort order for the results.

This report has direct email functionality from the results. Opt to send an email to all students in the list or select only a few students to email.

Additional customization is available using the Show/Hide Columns button. Columns to choose from are shown below: