Text Messaging FAQ


Can I send text messages if I have a trial Plivo account?
You can only send a test text message while in a Plivo trial. If you plan to use Jackrabbit for texting, you should create a standard account by adding your credit card information in Plivo.
I am using the trial version of Plivo. How do I send a test text message?
If you are still using a Plivo trial version, you can send a test text message to the phone number you used when you created your Plivo trial. In Tools > Edit Settings >  Text Messages > Send Test Text Message , enter the phone number you used...
Can you explain more about the consent that is required to send text messages?
To be compliant with SMS rules, organizations that send text messages must obtain consent that the recipient has agreed to receive texts. A simple and quick way to offer compliance is to use the email template, #135 Email Template. See Opting-In Co...
Is there a way to turn off text messaging but maintain my account details?
Uncheck the Activate Text Messages checkbox in Tools > Edit Settings > Text Messages to turn off the ability to send text messages. Save Changes . 
Is there a report that tells me who has agreed to receive text messages?
See Who Opted-In? for details on what reports tell you who has agreed to receive texts.
Is there a limit to the number of characters I can send in a text message?
Yes, text messages are limited to a maximum of 160 characters. This includes letters, numbers, spaces and symbols.
Can I send mass texts from within Jackrabbit?
Yes! Jackrabbit has partnered with the two text messaging providers, Plivo and Twilio, so that you can text customers from within your Jackrabbit database. See the   Texting in Jackrabbit section for more information. ...
Is there a limit to the number of texts I can send in one day?
The maximum number of texts will vary between providers.  Minimize the number of messages per day. Too many messages will not only annoy customers but may trigger a carrier to block your sending phone number permanently. Jackrabbit will alert you w...
Can a customer reply to my text message?
Customers can reply to your text messages, however, you’ll receive their reply via email. Replies from customers will not count towards your texting fees. Refer to Replies to Your Text Messages .   ...
Can a customer call me at the texting number?
The text from number supports texting (SMS messages) only through Jackrabbit and cannot receive incoming telephone calls.
Can I include an attachment using DropBox?
This is possible if the text including the DropBox attachment is no longer than 160 characters.
Why don’t I see Email/Text Families under the Families menu (or the Text button for a family or the Email/Text Class button for a class or any of the Staff Texting options)?
There are 2 user permissions that control text messaging. They are both located in the Tools section of the permissions, Text Message Settings and Send Text Messages .
Where do I enter credit card information in Plivo?
Login to Plivo using the login information you created when you setup your Plivo account. Click the Payments tab to enter credit card details.
I don't like the phone number that Plivo assigned me. What can I do?
You can purchase a different phone number from Plivo, for example to get one with your local area code. After you’ve created a Plivo account, click the Numbers tab. Click Buy Number and use the Search Criteria to find possible numbers for purc...
How will I know when I'm low or out of texting credits?
Twilio Users If you have enabled auto-recharge, you will receive an email from Twilio informing you that your balance fell below your agreed amount (as per auto-recharge settings) and that your credit card has been charged. Plivo Users When you a...
How do I set Plivo to automatically charge my credit card when I need more texting credit?
Login to Plivo using the login information you created when you setup your Plivo account. On the Dashboard, click the orange SETUP NOW button next to Auto Recharge . Check the Auto Recharge checkbox on the page that opens. ...
Can I use the same Plivo / Twilio account in two different Jackrabbit databases?
Each Jackrabbit database must have its own Plivo / Twilio account with a unique Auth ID and Auth Token. Plivo and Twilio accounts cannot be shared across databases.  In order to have two accounts with Plivo or Twilio, you are required to use differe...
What is Phone Validation?
Jackrabbit uses phone validation to help you maintain valid phone numbers in your database. US and Canadian databases are defaulted to 'masked' mode. Masked mode formats a phone number as (###)###-#### for consistency. When masking is on and a phone...
How do I set Twilio to automatically charge my credit card when I need more texting credit?
Log into your Twilio account from the link provided in your Jackrabbit database on the Text Messages screen from Tools  > Edit Settings .  Once in Twilio, click Billing and then Enable Auto-Recharge . ...
How much does text messaging cost?
Text Message Fees Jackrabbit does not charge for the texting feature, however, our text providers will charge a fee per text message sent. You’ll purchase a credit amount that will decrease as texts are sent.  For pricing information visit: htt...