Introduce your Parent Portal / Instructional Video

To ensure that your parents are able to log into their Portals, confirm the following:

  • The Activate Portal checkbox is selected (Tools > Parent Portal > Settings)
  • Allow to login to Parent Portal is selected on the parent's Contact record (Family record > Contacts tab)
  • A valid email address is present for the parent on their Contact record (Family record > Contacts tab)

Introduce Your New Parent Portal

Let your customers know about the fantastic convenience you are offering! Direct them to the Parent Portal login link on your website (see Link to Your Parent Portal). You can do this via an email blast, hand out flyers, or any way that you communicate with your customers. 

To make it easy for you to tell your families about the Parent Portal Jackrabbit provides two email templates that you can customize and send to families either as a group or individually as you process your new registrations. 

They are located under Tools > Edit Email Templates: Parent Portal 1 or Parent Portal 2.  (Our Email Templates section goes over how to edit templates).

Add a link to the video below in the introductory email to your customers.

Portal Instructional Video

Jackrabbit provides a free generic Portal instruction video called Using Our Online Portal.  This short video (2:01) showcases how to log in and highlights the main benefits of using the portal.  You can add a link to the video on your Parent Portal login page.

To automatically include this video on your Parent Portal login page go to Tools > Parent Portal > Settings and select Show link to Portal video on Login Page. Be sure to Save Changes.  

You can even place this video on your website to help and encourage your customers to use their Portals. The YouTube share code is

Great Examples of Portal Promotion and Instructions on a Web page:

Barron Gymnastics has a web page with Portal instructions including the above video:  Barron's web page example.

Miller Street Dance Academy has a web page with both New Customer Registration and Portal instructions, including the video above: Miller Street's web page example.