Methods for Staff to Schedule a Student

There are many areas in your Jackrabbit database where your office or front desk staff can schedule a student. 

With the flexibility of multiple places to enroll a student, you can choose the most efficient workflow for you and your staff.

Your class openings are live in Jackrabbit and consider all places where a student can enroll into a class (Online Web Registration, Parent Portal, and staff enrolling internally). 

A student's spot is not confirmed until the scheduling process is complete. This helps prevent overbooking.

Add Student Schedule

Depending on where you initiate student scheduling, the process will vary slightly. 

In the Add Student Schedule window:

  • Select the Class.
  • Choose a Schedule Start Date. 
  • Choose a Schedule End Date only if the schedule will end before the Class End Date.
  • Select a Schedule Template or add the Schedule Hours for the applicable days.
  • Click Save.
If you use Student Based Billing, it is best practice to Save & Add Student Tuition when scheduling a student to ensure the student is included when you post tuition fees. For more information see our Help article Add a Tuition Rate to a Student.