Family Balance Summary Report

This report can be located using the Keyword Search on the Find a Report page from the Reports menu. Enter "Family Balance" and click the magnifying glass to search. 

The Family Balance Summary provides a list of families with basic information and their account balance. The report can be run for the current date or for a historical date, for example month end or year end, and you can easily email families from the report results!

There are always two columns: Balance and Balance As Of (date). The Balance column is not date dependent and is the current balance shown throughout Jackrabbit. The Balance As Of (date) column is date sensitive and can be run two different ways:

  1. If the As Of Date search criteria isn't entered, it will use today's date.  Note: This column will not include future dated fees.
  2. If the As Of Date search criteria is entered, this column will reflect the balance as of that date.

The two balance amounts in the Family record: