Skills in Jackrabbit - Quick and Easy!

Contributor(s): Amber Smith, Talina Bath, Paula Beyer

Does your school track skills to show student progress? Are you currently using another program to track skills but would rather be able to track them in your database to have everything in one place? Would you like to explore using skills to communicate student progress? Jackrabbit has a solution!

First things first. You must create the Skill Categories in the Drop-down List Editor. These categories are different than your Class Category 1, 2, and 3. Not sure how to do this? Check out the Help article Customize Drop-down Lists for more information.

If you are already using another tracking system for skills and or you have a lot of skills you want to add quickly, you can use Jackrabbit’s Importer Spreadsheet. Contact our Imports Team directly if you need assistance with your import by emailing

Don’t have skills to import? You may find it beneficial to jot down ideas of how you would like to track student progress within Jackrabbit. Skills are organized by the categories you created above. Skills can have subskills to show detail of progression when working towards a multi-level skill. However, subskills are not required.

Once you know how you would like your skills organized, you can start plugging them in to your database. Check out the Help article Creating Skills/Levels for step-by-step instructions. A neat feature to consider when creating skills is the ability to add a video link. These links can be seen by the parents in the Parent Portal and can be great for encouraging students to practice! Staff can also see the video links in the Staff Portal.

After skills are created, you can start adding the skills to your classes. To make sure you understand how it all works together, try working with one skill and one class first. Refer to the Help article Add Skills/Levels to Classes for specific instructions. Prior to moving on, check out the class page and review the Skills/Levels tab for accuracy. 

You can add skills directly to students individually or in mass. If all students in a class are working towards the same skill, it would be most efficient to add the skills to students in mass.

Skills in the Parent Portal

Would you like parents to be able to see their student’s progress straight from the Parent Portal? Verify that your Parent Portal has the setting checked to show student skills. Video links will display with assigned skills in the portal for easy viewing!

Recap of Steps

Use this checklist as a guideline for completing the steps for implementing skills in the correct order!