How do I update my payment information for my Jackrabbit monthly billing?

In Jackrabbit's Billing (Customer) Portal, you can:

  • Update payment & billing contact information
  • View & print service fees charged and your payments to Jackrabbit
  • Make a payment for overdue fees
  • Review Jackrabbit's billing policies, referral bonus plan, service "hold" options & more!

  1. From the Tools menu, select My Account.
  2. In the Billing Info section, select the Billing Portal link to open the login page for your account portal.
  3. Use the email address of the billing contact(s) on file with Jackrabbit to log in to the Billing Portal.
Your database login credentials (username and password) cannot be used to access the Billing Portal. If you do not recall the billing contact email, reach out to our Billing Team for assistance.For complete step through instructions see Manage Credit Cards in the Parent Portal.