Copy Multiple Classes at Once

When ending one session and beginning another, you may need to copy multiple classes at once. Classes > Copy Classes will duplicate all of the active and inactive classes from one session into another session. It is also possible to copy enrollment and and prior tuition if needed.

If any of the classes you want to copy have been archived, you will first need to restore them before you are able to have them included in the copy classes function.

  1. Prior to copying classes from one session to another, you should create a new session name using Tools > Edit Settings > Drop-down Lists > Class Session. See Transitioning to a New Session for details. Point to Classes and click Copy Classes.
  2. In the Search Criteria section, select the classes that you want to copy over to a new session.
  3. In the New Class Settings section you are required to select the New Session from the drop-down and enter Start, End, and Registration (optional) dates for the new classes. Indicate whether you want to copy the instructors and student skills from the original classes into the new classes.
  4. In the Option: Copy Enrollment? section indicate if you want to copy student enrollment. If opting to copy enrollment, select an Enroll Type for the new class enrollment. Indicate whether you want to copy any future enrollments or waitlisted students from the old classes into the new classes. Select an Schedule Start Date / Enroll Date for new class enrollment (will default to current date).  
  5. In the Option: Drop Students From Old Classes section set Drop Students from old class? to Yes to drop the students from the current class immediately. This should only be done if the classes are finished and all class fees have been posted.  Tip: Consider using Archive Classes instead (which will also drop the current enrollment) at a later time after you have completed your fee posting.
  6. Submit.