The Power of User-defined Fields

Contributor(s): Amber Smith, Gwen St. Pierre, Laken Flanders, Carla Streifel

Jackrabbit requires parents to consent to your policies (Legalese) in order to complete and submit the Online Registration Form. Depending on your settings, parents may also be prompted to agree to your policies prior to enrolling in classes through the Parent Portal. 

The Agreement Text (Legalese) offered are check boxes that your parents must select to indicate their agreement to each of your policies. You may, however, have questions that you would like to ask your families during registration that require an answer, as opposed to just their indication of agreement (e.g. photo release). User-defined Fields are perfect for this!

Why use User-defined Fields?

Gathering this information in Jackrabbit eliminates the need for paper waivers and agreements. With everything in your database, you can run reports quickly and access the data any time, any place. 

Setting up User-defined Fields allows your parents to enter a response. In the photo release example, you can use the Agreement text to explain what the photo release is for. You can note in the agreement that checking the box means the parent understands the policy. The actual release question would be answered by the parent in the User-defined field. Consider naming your User-defined Field “Photo Release (Y/N)” or something similar, prompting parents to enter more consistent answers. This helps with easy reporting for you as well!

In other scenarios you may need to track information for your students or families for internal use only. For example, you have an end-of-year program or field day. You plan to have all students participate in the recital, unless otherwise notified. You can set up a Student User-defined Field to track participation calling it “Field Day 2019 (Y/N)”, as an example. If you would like to give parents the option to choose, make this field required on your Online Registration Form!

Managing the Information

You have the ability to mass clear all User-defined Fields in your database and may find this helpful when starting a new session that requires updated information. Make the field(s) required on your Online Registration form to make sure you collect this information from new families. You can check out our Help article Web Registration Form - Field/Options Labels for more information on making these fields required. 

For existing families, the User-defined Fields can be updated through the Parent Portal. While there is a setting to require that they update the User-defined Fields, it does not stop parents from doing anything in their portals. A notification badge will appear in their portal, indicating that additional information has been requested. You can also mass email your current families to remind them to update this information and tell them where to find it in their portal.