What you Need to Know About your Legal Policies

Contributor(s): Amber Smith, Jorine Jones, Lynda Vigor

Legal policies and waivers, also known as Legalese in Jackrabbit, are vital to your organization. Your legal policies are guidelines you set for families as they join your program. It is critical to have updated policy agreements from your families. Check out our Best Practice article that addresses the importance here.

Always consult your lawyer and or insurance company for advice on specific verbiage for your policies prior to publishing them on your Web Registration form. While Jackrabbit cannot provide you with specific language for your policies, we have compiled recommendations and examples from fellow Jackrabbit users to help you brainstorm. 

  • Liability and risk: include injury release of liability here, if directed by your lawyer. 
  • Photo release policy: in the day and age of social media, it is important to include an agreement about photo release. Since all legal policies must be agreed to, you can use the Power of User-defined Fields Best Practice article for assistance in tracking those that do not want to agree to photo release, if you make this optional.
  • Late payment policy: list late fee amount and when the late fee will be posted to the family’s account. If enrollment status is affected, include that here.
  • Bounced check policy: explain your policy and the amount you charge for a bounced check. Include any additional details as well, such as future check payments from the same family. 
  • Withdrawal policy: do you require a notice for withdrawals? How long is the family responsible for payment of tuition, etc?
  • Refund policy: if a family withdraws early, do you refund any overpayments or pre-payments?
  • ePayments: this section is always the last policy on your registration form, right above the e-signature field. At minimum, you should include when credit cards/bank accounts will be drafted, what fees you plan to process (tuition, registration, etc) and when, plus any other policies related to credit cards and bank account drafts (declined payments, etc).

Remember, these are just ideas from Jackrabbit users. Please consult your legal counsel for final policy recommendations. Each organization is unique and may have different needs based on industry, location, and size. 

It is a good idea to review policies each year with your attorney to make sure all information is current. As you prepare for registration and enrollment for your next session, follow our Best Practice article, Staying Organized During Registration for a New Session for more details.