Facebook Users Group - Learn from the Community

Looking for more interaction with real users of Jackrabbit in your industry? Look no further than the Jackrabbit Software Users Group!

Created to connect Users across many industries including dance, gymnastics, swim and cheer, this is the place to ask questions such as:

  • How does your facility use Jackrabbit's User-defined Fields?
  • Do you accept online payments? How was the transition?
  • What brand of tablets you use for your staff? Are you happy with them?
  • Has anyone done a campaign for parent testimonials? Did you use incentives? Video or just written?

Be sure to share your expertise with the group, too! 

To join the group please log in to Facebook, go to the Group Page and click Join Group. A moderator will review your request and you will get an email confirmation after approval.

The Facebook Users Group is moderated by Jackrabbit but will not replace the official Jackrabbit Support system. For fastest resolution, please be sure to submit tickets when you have an issue specific to your database.

Psst - please be sure you request to join the Care User's Group. There is a different group for our other industries and we don't want you to end up on the wrong one :-)